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Know the Question No.5 of KBC Registration 2019 - 05-05-2019

Know Question No. 5 of  KBC Registration 2019  - 05-05-2019 As you know KBC Registration 2019 is started now from this first question. So if you want to participate in Kaun Banega Crorepati Show. Then try to give all answers of KBC Registration question.

फिल्म उरी द सर्जिकल स्ट्राइक में मेजर शेरगिल का दस्ता उन्हें क्या जवाब देता है, जब वो उनसे पूछते हैं हाउ इज द जोश?
A- जबरदस्त सर

B- एकदम झक्कास

C- रेड्डी सर

D- हाई सर

Please Answer this Question by 6 May 2019 till 9:00 PM

कैसे करना है KBC 2019 Registration "अब आपके और हॉट सीट के बीच में ना होगी दूरी, क्योंकि शुरू हो गए हैं इस साल के केबीसी रजिस्ट्रेशन. रजिस्टर करने के लिए डाउनलोड करिए सोनी लिव."
SMS के जरिए ऐसे दीजिए जवाब आपको एसएमएस के जरिए इसका जवाब देना है. SMS के जरिए पार्टिसिपेट करने के लिए यूजर्स को अपने SMS में KBC लिखना है और स्पेस देकर अपनी उम्र लिखनी है. इसके बाद एक स्पेस देकर आपको अपना जेंडर लिखना है. उदाहरण के लिए यदि आप 25 वर्षीय पुरुष हैं तो आपको KBC 25 M लिखना है और इसे 509093 पर भेज देना है.
एप्लीकेशन के जरिए …

'Chhan Chhan' New Serial Starting on Sony TV

'Chhan Chhan' New Serial Starting on Sony TV

New show by Optimystix will be similar to Sony Tv once popular show Saas Bina Sasural. The show is loosely inspired from yesteryear's hit Bollywood film Khoobsurat starring evergreen Rekha in the lead. The show is tentatively titled as Chanchan and Sanaya will essay the role of Chanchan who is chirpy and full of life.

Show Timing: Mon -Thu 09:00 PM

Launching From  - 27 March

Channel - Sony Entertainment Channel

Watch 'Savitri' on Life OK TV, Review, Timing and About Show

Watch 'Savitri' on Life OK TV, Review, Timing and About Show

Show Timing: Mon-Fri at 8:30pm
Channel - Life OK
Start From - 18th Feb 2013

About Show:

‘Savitri’ is a story of a woman and her immense love for her husband Satya and how that love gives her the strength to face Rahukaal, the ultimate devil incarnate. Rahukaal has taken away the love of Savitri’s life and made her life a living hell. Watch the fantasy tale ‘Savitri’ starting February 18, Mon-Fri at 8.30pm, only on Life OK.

Watch 'Ek Thhi Naayka' on Life OK TV

Watch 'Ek Thhi Naayka' on Life OK TV

'Ek Thhi Naayka' is an 8 weekend episodic series, each episode will feature the journey of Mahanaayka. The series will feature a point in the life of Mahnaayaka where she has to get into fight with a powerful evil spirit . A thriller with interesting twists and turns and unanticipated occurrences in the protagonist’s life; Mahanayka gradually discovers evil force and her unavoidable encounter with an unknown, unseen, and unheard of yet an extremely powerful and evil force.

'Ek Thhi Naayka' Starts 9th March Sat-Sun at 11pm only on Life OK.



Show Timing : Mon-Fri At 10 PM Channel: Zee TV
Zee TV Available India's all major DTH Platform, ( It is not available on DD Direct Plus DTH)
SnapShop : Balraj's only son Anirudh dies in an accident. Meera, beautiful and free spirited young girl, enters the house as his friend. This surprises Anirudh's  wife Nandini and other family members as she knew Anirudh too well. Later it is revealed that Meera is Anirudh's mistress. Against everyone's wish Balraj allows Meera to stay in the house. Why wont he let Meera go?  Why does he want his son's widow and mistress both to stay right under his thumb?  What is Balraj Asthana's gameplan?

Coming Soon "Gurbani" Serial on Colors TV at 10:30 pm

Colors TV present new show " Gurbani" coming soon from 18th March at 10;30 pm

This show is about around the desertion of brides by NRI grooms that is prevalent in various regions of Punjab. Gurbani is the story of young and spirited girl from Punjab with dreams in her eyes of an NRI wedding and a happy life thereafter.

Gurbani Cast: Shefali : New face Shefali will be seen playing the female lead. Navni Parihar : Navni will be seen adorning the role of Rano. Adhwik Mahajan : Adhwik Mahajan is playing the lead role in the show.

India's Best Dramebaaz Watch on Zee TV, Auditions Running

India's Best Dramebaaz Watch on Zee TV, Auditions Running

Show Time - Monday to Sun at 9 PM
Channel - Zee TV

About Show:

'India's Best Dramebaaz', is a show that is looking for exceptionally talented kids between the ages of 5-12 years. Our main goal is to identify kids with innovative and creative mind who have an inclination to act. So if you think your child has a knack for following activities, then this the right platform for them. ActingPoetry enactStory enactmentElocution & SpeechEnacting jokes Dance DramaPerforming Spoofs (spoofs on news reading, TVC, TV Serials, etc.)Mimicry of famous personality (from films, politics, sports, etc.)Knack to imitate people (Family member, teachers, friends, etc.)PantomimePerforming pieces from a play (preferably children's plays) puppets  / Puppetry ActsAny theatrical skillSoliloquy

For latest updates visit Zee tv's official website or keep watch Zee TV.

Ghar Aaja Pardesi New Serial on Sahara ONE Channel

Ghar Aaja Pardesi New Serial on Sahara ONE Channel
Serial Time - Mon-Fri 8:00 pm AND 11:00pm
Channel Name - Sahara ONE

About Show :

Ghar Aaja Pardesi  is non-fiction serial of Sahara one channel. Ghar Aaja Pardesi is the story of a daughter’s quest for her long lost father at a turning point in her life, while glorifying the sacrifice of her mother, amidst intense opposition from her grandfather.

for latest updates of sahara one visit thier official website or watch Sahara ONE channel.

EK THA RUSTY - II, New Serial on DD National Channel

EK THA RUSTY - II, New Serial on DD National Channel

Serial Name - EK THA RUSTY - II
Serial Timing -Thu-Fri at 8.30 pm
Channel - on DD National ( DD-1)