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Know the Question No.5 of KBC Registration 2019 - 05-05-2019

Know Question No. 5 of  KBC Registration 2019  - 05-05-2019 As you know KBC Registration 2019 is started now from this first question. So if you want to participate in Kaun Banega Crorepati Show. Then try to give all answers of KBC Registration question.

फिल्म उरी द सर्जिकल स्ट्राइक में मेजर शेरगिल का दस्ता उन्हें क्या जवाब देता है, जब वो उनसे पूछते हैं हाउ इज द जोश?
A- जबरदस्त सर

B- एकदम झक्कास

C- रेड्डी सर

D- हाई सर

Please Answer this Question by 6 May 2019 till 9:00 PM

कैसे करना है KBC 2019 Registration "अब आपके और हॉट सीट के बीच में ना होगी दूरी, क्योंकि शुरू हो गए हैं इस साल के केबीसी रजिस्ट्रेशन. रजिस्टर करने के लिए डाउनलोड करिए सोनी लिव."
SMS के जरिए ऐसे दीजिए जवाब आपको एसएमएस के जरिए इसका जवाब देना है. SMS के जरिए पार्टिसिपेट करने के लिए यूजर्स को अपने SMS में KBC लिखना है और स्पेस देकर अपनी उम्र लिखनी है. इसके बाद एक स्पेस देकर आपको अपना जेंडर लिखना है. उदाहरण के लिए यदि आप 25 वर्षीय पुरुष हैं तो आपको KBC 25 M लिखना है और इसे 509093 पर भेज देना है.
एप्लीकेशन के जरिए …

Now you can watch more channels on your TV cable network

by Praveen / Aaj Tak.
Good news for TV viewers. Cable operators now show you more channels. Information and Broadcasting Minister Manish Tewari it is directed.

According to a report in an English newspaper Manish Tewari said cable operators and channels that allow television viewers more choice and options. Speaking to the people in the broadcasting industry minister said that he can deliver more benefits to viewers and give them more choice. He was the digitalisation when the audience did not have much choice and a government decision imposed on them.

He said that the audience should not say that if you do not Settop box of disconnection. It would be wrong. He urged viewers to cable and other operators to carry more channels and show him

Source: Aaj Tak Official

I&B Notice to 3 Indian DTH operators for for not carrying DD channels

Economictimes / New Delhi : The latest news that The information and broadcasting ministry has issued showcause notices to 3 private DTH operators for not showing all mandatory Doordarshan channels to their subscribers.

According to the rules laid down by the ministry, it is obligatory for every DTH operator to provide the 24 channels to their subscribers, irrespective of any bouquets or ala-carte channels being subscribed by them.

The channels which cable operators must show are:

DD National, DD News, DD Bharati, DD Urdu, DD Sports, DD India,  DD Kashir, DD Punjabi, DD Girnar, DD Sahyadri, DD Saptagiri, DD Malayalam, DD Podhigai, DD Chandana, DD Bangla, DD North East, DD Bihar, DD Uttar Pradesh, DD Rajasthan, DD Madhya Pradesh, DD Oriya, Gyan Darshan, Lok Sabha TV and Rajya Sabha TV. 
According to the norms, DTH operators should show the mandatory 24 channels alongside other private channels of the same genre.


Prasar Bharati to start 50 education channels by May 2014

NEW DELHI / TimesofIndia: Students across the country will be able to hear lectures and interact with academicians on TV as the Human Resource Development (HRD) ministry and public broadcaster Prasar Bharati are planning to start 50 educational channels by May 1 this year.

HRD officials said under this project, which to their knowledge had no parallel across the world, the number of channels would be increased from 50 to 1,000 and has the potential to be viewed on 167 million TV sets and benefiting a population of more than 67 per cent in the country.

As per an agreement signed by Prasar Bharati CEO Jawhar Sircar and HRD secretary Ashok Thakur on Thursday, while the public broadcaster will provide expertise in carrying the channels on a DTH platform, the ministry would focus on providing content of the programmes.

The channels will run structured programmes the content of which will originate from institutions like IITs, IGNOU, State Open Universities, Central Universities, NITs. Each…